Stroll the Upside Down pumpkin patch in new Stranger Things 2 poster

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Oct 2, 2017, 4:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Trick or treat. Halloween month has officially kicked off, and Netflix has dropped a new poster for the upcoming second season of Stranger Things. Come and take a stroll through a creepy pumpkin patch.

Season 2 of the Duffer Brothers’ critically acclaimed series (the first Emmy-nominated season sits at 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) will see the arrival of a new inter-dimensional being dubbed the “Shadow Monster” by our group of kids.

Said Matt Duffer last week: “Our big reference for [the demogorgon] Season 1 was mostly Jaws. It’s a shark, and the other dimension is the underwater. So there has to be something more sentient, and that’s that big thing in the sky.”

While the sophomore season’s villainous creature is MIA, its presence is being felt in this latest poster that sees chief of police Jim Hopper (David Harbour) walking through a pumpkin patch bathed in moonlight, complete with an eerie fog worthy of a John Carpenter horror flick.

Look closely and you'll notice one of the pumpkins in the forefront sports a dark patch in the shape of the many-legged creature that will haunt the town of Hawkins, Indiana, this Halloween. Fun Fact: The third episode is actually titled “The Pumpkin Patch,” so expect to see a similar scene possibly play out in that installment.

Stranger Things returns for a hotly anticipated Season 2 on Oct. 27.

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