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David Harbour will officiate this fan's wedding for 125K retweets

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Jan 17, 2018, 4:36 PM EST (Updated)

After making a similar deal on Twitter with a high school fan pleading for a senior picture partner, Hellboy and Stranger Things star David Harbour is back to bargain.

When a fan asked him on the social media site what it would take for him to officiate her wedding, Harbour responded quickly with his terms: retweets, cake, and sentiment.


After a quick preface to make sure things work out with the shooting schedule of Stranger Things Season 3, Harbour moved on to more personal matters. He wants cake, he wants this to go viral, and he wants to read something mushy.

Right now Harbour’s tweet is at 70k, while the Twitter user asking for his matrimonial duties has her tweet at 47k. There’s no telling which of these needs to hit the illustrious 125k that Harbour has set as his goal, or if the combination of the two can hit this figure. Harbour, like a deal-keeping genie, is mysterious yet strict in his terms and always follows through.

If this means pictures of a fully made-up Hellboy, or Sheriff Hopper in costume, bringing fans together forever in love, there is no cost too high.

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