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David Harbour's latest twitter challenge could have him dressing as Eleven

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Apr 5, 2018, 7:18 PM EDT (Updated)

Actor David Harbour, who plays Police Chief Jim Hopper on Stranger Things, has proven time and again that he's willing to do plenty of strange things in real-life if he gets enough retweets. His latest twitter challenge could surpass them all.

The game goes like this: If a specific tweet of Harbour's gets the required number of retweets, then the actor undertakes the action detailed in the tweet. This system of dares has caused the actor (soon to appear as the lead in the Hellboy reboot) to appear in High School Yearbook photos, officiate a fan's wedding, and to do the "Hopper dance" with penguins in Antarctica. While this new challenge won't have him traveling to the bottom of the globe, it certainly offers an interesting prospect.

The new challenge was prompted by the Orlando Informer, who asked Harbour, "how many retweets would it take for you to walk through Stranger Things at #HHN28 with us?"

The hashtagged event in question is Halloween Horror Nights 28 at Universal Studios. Harbour took up the dare, and even went one step further. His answer reads, "300k. I get to take eleven eleven year old fans, and I get to dress like eleven. And if it runs post Halloween, I'd prefer us to go on November 11th, at 11 pm."

If you want to witness David Harbour's slightly insane eleven-fest, then you know what you have to do. Click on the above tweet, and do your duty. 300k is certainly a lot, but these dares are becoming increasingly popular— we're confident that he'll end up in that wig worn by Eleven (the character played by Millie Bobby Brown).

Why should Harbour have all the fun? If this article gets retweeted, let's say, 10,000 times, then its author will... stand in the middle of Times Square dressed as Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy and sing "Gaeta's Lament" from Battlestar Galactica. Let's do this!