David Hewlett: My 'hilariously unhappy' life as Dr. Rodney McKay

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Jul 4, 2015, 4:58 PM EDT

If David Hewlett cracked you up as Dr. Rodney McKay on Stargate: Atlantis, wait'll you meet the REAL David Hewlett! We're thrilled that he's agreed to join us regularly here at Blastr to answer your questions and share whatever happens to be on his mind.

The glorious geeks at Blastr have asked me to blog a little blog, for what I have assured them are my billions of like-minded nerd minions. That and someone has to give the AbFab of sci-fi, Jewel Staite, some (un)healthy competition.

I thought I might start by introducing myself, but then I realized that if you don't know who I am (star of film & television—legend in my own mind), then I'm not sure I want you hanging about. The reality is that any highly intelligent, attractive, world-changing, leader-types should already be following me on Twitter!

Then again, who am I to pass up an opportunity to talk about myself ...

David Hewlett (I feel that the third person makes me sound so much closer to how important I think I am) started out right on track as a scrawny little Doctor Who nerd staggering around in twenty feet of multi-colored, hypoallergenic, wool-less scarf and planning on becoming a Time Lord. Alas, Master Hewlett then wandered off course, trying to be cool, dark and edgy and fit in, all at the same time. Eventually, however, the wayward Hewlett fell back into step and returned to what he was best at—being a wildly uncomfortable nerd. David Hewlett has starred in numerous films and television series, many of which you will have missed, or should have. One might get a glimpse of such questionable Hewlett performances during the odd hours of night, nestled between infomercials for erectile dysfunction treatments and home gyms.

A few sci-fi related highlights from my stellar (interstellar?) career are probably in order:

Pin was a creepy little movie that I starred in back when I was cool and thin and had so much hair I didn't know what color to dye it. It's a great psychological horror flick and really helped put me on the map in my film and television career ... it also paid for freedom, in the form of my first apartment. There should be a sequel ... I look so much scarier now!

Cube was the first big science fiction film I was a part of. It was a fantastic directorial debut by one of my oldest friends Vincenzo Natali and it remains one of my most painful and uncomfortable roles. It's also one of my favourites. I firmly believe that discomfort and tension gets picked up by the camera, and that it's never a bad thing, even in a love scene!

Boa vs. Python was a mad Bulgarian adventure. I have always been a fan of creature features. I revel in movies where the monsters tower more over the tiny budgets than the characters they threaten. Career aside, I met my wife the week before I flew out to shoot this monsterpiece. Jane and I spoke long-distance every night on the phone. Naturally she was powerless to resist my super power ... the power to babble. Jason Momoa, who's always coming to me for tips on how to look good and live cool, wondered out loud how I could possibly have ended up with someone as fabulous as Jane... as I told him: "trickery and deceit... now for the love of God will you please put a shirt on!" The film consists of me and a couple of playboy bunnies being harassed by giant snakes... how can you lose with a triple-threat powerhouse combo like that?

A lot of hair ago, I showed up on the set of Stargate SG1. Thanks to some fantastic writing and the support and patience of the lovely and talented Amanda Tapping, I became Doctor Rodney McKay. Rodney's snarcastic genius and lack of social skills seem to have appealed to a lot of people. I like to think that McKay is what a grumpy Grover would look like in the role of C-3PO. Rodney showed up for another episode or two of SG1 and then went on to five wild and wonderful years on the hit show Stargate: Atlantis. During the run of SGA I wrote and directed my first feature film A Dog's Breakfast. I married my wife Jane (twice in fact). My son Sebastian ("Baz" as we insist on calling him) was born the day after we wrapped season 4 (I was still peeling pieces of 10,000 year old Rodney McKay makeup off my face while Jane was in labour). I am Stargate's biggest fan for life.

Most recently, 2010 began 7,000 feet up a mountain in Bulgaria, experiencing the pleasure and pain of directing and acting in what I'm calling an "evil snow monkey" movie for the fine folks at Syfy. I had the geek pleasure of working on Caesar: Rise of the Apes, which, after signing a small forest worth of non-disclosure paperwork, I can say nothing more about, except perhaps what a pleasure it was working with the kind, gracious and hilarious John Lithgow, the magical Andy Serkis and the giant brains of Weta, all under the watchful eye of the fabulous director Rupert Wyatt and the many charming Blackberries of Chernin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox!

I had a far too fleeting return to an old acquaintance, Stargate Atlantis' Dr. Rodney Meredith McKay, with the vastly talented SGU cast and crew, which will air as Season Two episode 15, I believe. I roamed Hollywood Blvd. with a police escort, signing photos and such before walking the black carpet at Grauman's Chinese Theatre for the huge Hollywood premiere of Splice (which Stephen King just named one of his top ten movies for the year!) And best of all, I participated, observed and meddled, with Yoda-like instruction, as my son Baz went from age two to three!

While some people shun the spotlight, I google myself every 180 seconds and I highly recommend you do the same ... I am fascinating. I also take everything everyone says about me to heart ... well, the good stuff anyway. A recent movie review described me as "hilariously unhappy" which I thought summed me up really well, more as a person than as an actor. If I ever write an autobiography, Hilariously Unhappy could very well be the title.

In the hopes of having something to complain about in future blogs I welcome any and all questions (that I like) right here on Blastr. And I also welcome you all to follow me on Twitter, where I do my utmost to make my mind-numbingly dull life sound wildly interesting and potentially life threatening ... try me!

All the best, from the best ...