David Lynch gives a very David Lynch take on his future with Twin Peaks

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Maybe David Lynch already knows whether he and Mark Frost have another return trip to Twin Peaks up their sleeves. But if he does, he’s being very David-Lynchy about revealing it.

Fresh off the critical and commercial success of Twin Peaks: The Return, Lynch appeared to be in candid form when recently discussing with The Hollywood Reporter his potential involvement in any future continuation of the series.

But for all the appearance of candor, we’re still not sure, at the end of it all, what Lynch is really thinking.

If you followed Special Agent Dale Cooper’s decades-long quest to solve the Laura Palmer mystery all the way through Return’s 18-episode run on Showtime, then you know the final moments left things even more wide open than they appeared in the beginning.

That’s kind of how Lynch seems to approach the possibility of getting back into another long-form TV project while the binge-worthy format is having its moment. “In some ways, yes,” he said, before tempering his enthusiasm with a coy “no.”

Admitting “it’s too early to say” yet what it might take for himself and Frost to dive back in to Cooper’s disorienting saga, Lynch confessed he’s “learned never to say never”— a refrain we've heard before —  to any possibility. 

At least he definitely does sound excited about the possibilities — whether they involve adding fresh chapters to the Twin Peaks story or branching out to unfurl new, episodic adventures in other worlds.

Asked whether he’s become more enticed by serial television’s expanding ability — and willingness — to tell longer stories in a way that movies can’t, he even sounded a bit animated … at least, as animated as you’d expect David Lynch to sound.

“Yeah, it’s thrilling to me,” he said. “Continuing story. It’s absolutely thrilling … All these things go in waves. But right now, it's a very friendly [TV] environment for a continuing story.”

What it all means for the future of Twin Peaks, then, is still anybody’s guess. Perhaps even Lynch himself would like to be let in on the secret.