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David Lynch virtually attends SDCC Twin Peaks panel in his own inimitable style

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Jul 21, 2017, 8:05 PM EDT

While David Lynch wasn't able to attend the SDCC panel for Twin Peaks in person, he sent along a video message that was classic Lynch.

Like any Lynchian message, it's in snippets, and we have to decode what actually happened. But here's what fans were virtually treated to in Hall H today.

The message begins with static before resolving into a shot of the director sitting in the shadows and holding up a golf ball. "This is supposedly the last golf ball O.J. Simpson played before..." he says, and is then cut off as the picture fades out again.

Once he's back, Lynch thanks the audience for attending and begins to introduce the panel, before being interrupted again by an offstage noise. He then yells, "You can't bring a horse in here!" before getting up again and disappearing.

Then we hear crashes and horsey sounds, and Lynch shouts "Manuel! Take that gun away from her!" From the sound of things, that horse not only broke a lamp, but managed to step on the cat.

The last thing we hear are hissing noises and scratching sounds before the screen fades to static.

While Lynch in person would have been a treat, this video was weird and wonderful enough... much like the legendary director himself.

Hopefully, we'll be able to show you that message soon. That is if everyone makes it out of the Twin Peaks panel safely.

(via Mashable)