David Mazouz knows how a Gotham-Arrowverse crossover could work

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Dec 19, 2017, 8:06 PM EST (Updated)

Although they exist on two different networks — which basically equates to two equally separate universes as far as television is concerned — the star of Gotham wants his Fox-made show to crossover with the DC ones (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl) on The CW, better known as the Arrowverse.

David Mazouz, who plays a young Bruce Wayne, thinks the franchises should mix because, after all, they exist together in the comic books. Speaking to, the 16-year-old Mazouz laid out his grand plan for how a crossover would work. 

"First of all, if there's going to be a crossover, they come to Gotham," he said. "That's kind of a must-have, because nobody in Gotham can time travel yet." This is a reference to the fact that several heroes in the Arrowverse, particularly the Flash (and the Legends of Tomorrow), can travel through time and space and into one another's shows. While making his point, Mazous brought up Barry Allen, saying he could bring Batman into the fold via a Flashpoint-esque storyline. 

"Maybe there could be another kind of Flashpoint where Flash runs back in time and goes to Gotham and maybe tries to stop Bruce Wayne's parents' murder from happening," said Mazouz. "Maybe not the traditional 'Bruce Wayne gets murdered instead and Thomas becomes Batman thing,' but something along those lines where the whole world gets whack and it's up to Flash to fix things in Gotham."

It would be cool to see all these properties bleed into each other, but we're not holding our collective breath. Gotham and the Arrowverse are made and owned by different networks and production companies. Aside from being adapted from DC Comics, they might as well be two animals of opposing taxonomic rank; it's like comparing a duck to a beetle, at least in the sense of legalese. Just look at Disney, Fox, and Sony when it came to Marvel. Sharing heroes was never a regular policy. 

Nevertheless, they are cut from the same cloth, so a crossover wouldn't be totally strange if the producers and networks were on board for one. Moreover, it is certainly cool to see that a main star of one of these shows is not just in it for the paycheck, but has a deep love for DC's shared comic book universe and the way it can be applied in storytelling.