David Morrissey teases the Governor's 'dangerous' Walking Dead return

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Nov 11, 2013

We’ve been wondering when the Governor (David Morrissey) would make his epic return on The Walking Dead, and now we finally know.

Spoilers ahead for Sunday night’s Walking Dead episode!

After a boatload of death and destruction from the mystery flu, things were finally starting to look up for Rick and company at the prison. Well, at least until that foreboding music kicked up to show us who is just outside the gates watching the prison … last season’s baddie, the Governor.

The man who brings the psycho to life, David Morrissey, opened up with Entertainment Weekly to tease a bit about his return. Turns out we’ll finally get to see what the ol’ eyepatch has been up to these past few months, thanks to some Governor-centric episodes set to kick off next week.

Morrissey revealed that, after spending the past few months in the wild, the Governor is stalking the prison for the potential safe haven it represents — “a place of protection,” according to Morrissey — and not so much for vengeance against its current occupants.

He also teased the mental state of the Governor, after we last saw him slaughtering a few truckloads of Woodbury residents:

“He’s still the man that we know. It’s not like we can erase his past or change the character totally. He is a man who is aware of himself now. I think the Governor at the beginning of season 3 was a man who was building a future. He had a future for Woodbury. He had a plan for Woodbury. And those plans get smashed. And certainly the future for his daughter and any sort of cure experiment that he and Milton were exploring — that’s out the window now. We leave him with himself and his two henchmen — he’s lost everything. So he is a man that has lost everything. And I think what we see coming up is how he deals with that loss. He’s a dangerous man still and he knows how dangerous he is. He knows what he’s capable of and that is a very dangerous thing. And like I said, it’s about whether he embraces that man and how dangerous he is, or whether he fights him. That’s the question coming in — which character is he happy to be? Which character is he trying to be? We see him at the end of episode 5 and he’s standing outside that prison and looking at that prison and we don’t know whether he’s come in peace or come in war. We don’t know that yet. So we have to wait for that reveal in the upcoming episodes. He might have had an about face, but we don’t know. He’s a man who recognizes his own capabilities. That is fair to say.

I think he’s intelligent enough to know that there is something that can take over himself. I don’t think he’s totally happy with the capabilities that he’s shown. It was never in his plan to turn on his own people. And the loss of his daughter has done something terrible to his brain. That’s the fight he will have going forward. I think once anybody has committed an act like that or done something like that, they know their capabilities, and it’s about whether they can keep control of themselves. Because they really know now — it’s that cliché of 'you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry' — there’s a sense from him that he knows where his anger can take him. And that’s his battle. And will certainly be his battle in season 4.”

The Walking Dead continues this Sunday night on AMC. Are you glad the Governor is back to cause some trouble?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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