The universe still needs a master: David S. Goyer out as Masters of the Universe director

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Feb 8, 2018

Just as it looked as though the wheels were finally beginning to turn on the live-action movie production of Masters of the Universe, David S. Goyer — a name plenty of fans were excited to see attached to the project — has bowed out as the film's director.

Variety reports that Goyer, a go-to genre writer and producer who’s also helmed four films including Blade: Trinity, has left the He-Man reboot because he simply has too much work on his plate. Goyer is presently “enmeshed in work on Foundation, a mini-series adaptation of [Isaac] Asimov’s science-fiction trilogy, and won’t be able to juggle both projects,” according to the report.

He's also the creator and executive producer behind SYFY's upcoming Superman prequel series, Krypton.

Sony reportedly was set to begin casting for Masters of the Universe just as Goyer informed the studio of his decision, adding a fresh layer of urgency to the film’s production schedule. The movie is currently set to release in December of 2019.

Although Sony will have to scramble to land a new director, Goyer will maintain his other commitments to the project as a screenwriter and executive producer, according to the report. Goyer already had submitted a script for the film late last year, and even shared a fun update on the movie’s character design only two weeks ago.

Goyer’s genre pedigree makes him a pretty sought-after writer/director/showrunner in the world of science fiction. Not only has he helmed four features — Zig Zag, Blade: Trinity, The Invisible, and The Unborn — but he also sits atop a lengthy screenwriting credit list stretching back more than two and-a-half decades — much of it spent penning scripts for comic book and science fiction films.

In addition to Dark City and his work on Christopher Nolan’s three Batman films, Goyer also has served as screenwriter for The Puppet Masters, The Crow: City of Angels, the Blade movie cycle, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and Man of Steel. He also co-wrote two of gaming’s biggest-selling FPS titles: Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Now that Sony is hitting the reset button, which names should they target? We’ve been waiting a long time to see Eternia brought to life in an up-to-date Masters of the Universe reboot. So which would-be director would you call first to makes sure Adam and Cringer transform into the baddest possible He-Man and Battle Cat?

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