David S. Pumpkins is getting an animated Halloween special. Any questions?

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Sep 28, 2017

Love him or hate him, you haven't seen the end of David S. Pumpkins. The bizarre, not-scary character portrayed by Tom Hanks on Saturday Night Live is returning to television this year — as a cartoon.

The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special is a half-hour animated special created by Mikey Day, Bobby Moynihan, and Streeter Seidell. The three created the original sketch, "Haunted Elevator," which first premiered on SNL in October 2016 and became an internet sensation. Day and Moynihan also appeared in the sketch as dancing skeletons.

Here's the official synopsis:

Set in a small suburban town on All Hallows’ Eve, the special centers on David Pumpkins and his skeleton sidekicks who show a young boy and his sister the true meaning of Halloween, answering none of their questions along the way.

Tom Hanks will return to voice David Pumpkins, as well as appearing in a live-action segment at the top of the show. Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) will also voice a character. Day and Moynihan will return as the dancing skeletons.

There is something oddly endearing about David S. Pumpkins. Maybe it is the lunatic grin Tom Hanks wears while playing the character. Maybe it is his amazing pumpkin suit. Maybe it is his sweet dance moves. Whatever it is, it certainly amps up the laughs.

Check out the original sketch below, and see The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special on NBC Oct. 28 at 11:30 pm.

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