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David Tennant has a theory of how the 10th Doctor and Rose ended up, and it ain't pretty

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Mar 8, 2018, 5:15 PM EST

Back in 2008, David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor said his final goodbyes to former companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) when he sent her back to the “Doomsday” parallel universe with the Meta-Crisis Doctor (also Tennant) at the end of the Doctor Who Season 4 finale, “Journey’s End.”

Rose finally got to be with the man she loved (at least a human clone of him who's only got one heart and one life, so no regeneration); one who could reciprocate her feelings, while the Tenth Doctor was left to see them off riding into the sunset together for their happily ever after. Or did they?

Both Piper and Tennant were on hand during Cleveland’s Wizard World Comic Con over the weekend where the former Doctor Who dynamic duo revealed (via a report at Radio Times) their own theory as to what happened to Rose and the human Doctor after “Journey’s End.” Which led to a funny exchange between the two stars.

When asked if Rose and the Doctor could have had kids, Tennant told the assembled audience: “What do you think – was that biologically possible?” To which the response was apparently overwhelmingly positive since we know the Doctor has been a father before, and he’s had at least a grand-daughter in Susan Foreman. Also? We have a human Doctor in the house.

“Well then, apparently they did have a family. The hall at this particular comic-con has decided. How many kids did they have?” a laughing Tennant asked Piper. To which the former Penny Dreadful actress replied “Hmmm… maybe…. two? They’re quite self-involved, anything more would’ve [been an issue].”

Doing an impression of Camille Coduri, who played Rose’s mom on the BBC series, Tennant said: “Jackie’s probably bringing them up,” with Piper adding “Yeah, she would be one of those really smothering mums. I think they would’ve had a couple of kids. Have a few dogs. Maybe a lizard on a lead! He’d like weird pets.”

While Rose and her human Doctor’s home life sounds pretty idyllic if a bit ordinary, things took a turn to the dark side when Tennant joked that: “They’d have slid into alcoholism…” with Piper adding, “and died of boredom. You wanna see that, right?” she asked the crowd.

Okay. While we’re not sure that’s the story fans would really like to see happen to Rose and her Meta-Crisis Doctor, it could make for an interesting sitcom spinoff... or not. What do you think?

(via Radio Times)