David Tennant helps with fan's baby gender reveal in most Doctor Who way possible

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Jan 29, 2018, 2:13 PM EST (Updated)

Finding out the sex of your baby is always an exciting moment in any couple’s life but when that reveal comes from someone you’re a die-hard fan of, like, let's say, former Doctor Who star David Tennant, it can make the whole experience even more timey wimey priceless.

Tennant — who played the 10th incarnation of the Time Lord from 2005-2010 and remains one of the most beloved Doctors in the history of the BBC series  — was present at the recent Wizard World, New Orleans for the usual meet-and-greets with fans. 

One clever couple took the opportunity to use the photo op to ask the actor for a special favor: revealing the gender of their baby. Tennant was presented with an envelope by the man who told the actor that “It has the sex of our baby in it. We don’t know.” 

When Tennant asked if it would be written in big letters (even Time Lords need glasses. See Exhibit A below), the woman told Tennant that it would be written “allons-y” if the baby’s gender was a boy (“allons-y” was one of the 10th Doctor’s main catchphrases) and “bad wolf” (in relation to former companion Rose Tyler) if it’s a girl.



Hearing that, Tennant got even more excited about the whole gender reveal thing and enthusiastically opened the envelope before saying... “Allons-y!” and congratulating the happy couple. Check it out:

Our warmest congratulations to the happy couple and future parents.