David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman TV project? NOT DEAD YET!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

If there's one man who's not lying down and taking it on the chin, it's David E. Kelley. The creator of Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Legal is fighting hard for his TV vision of comicdom's Amazon princess Wonder Woman, and he's REALLY optimistic that we'll see her on the small screen as early as next year!

Despite the fact that broadcast networks have passed on his Wonder Woman script this week (with Marvel probably to blame in ABC's case), Kelley is still optimistic that his vision of Wonder Woman will come to our TV screens next year.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, the veteran showrunner explained that the script was "rolled out very late in the game" and that he would come back to NBC with the project (the network reportedly passed on it because of "executive reshuffling").

Kelley thinks NBC — which also happens to be the home of his upcoming newest legal drama series, Harry's Law — would be a great home for his vision of Wonder Woman under incoming programming chief Robert Greenblatt.

Kelley said, "I like to think of it as a smart script, and I know he responds to smart material," and that his vision of Wonder Woman should be explored as a "real complex woman and not just a superhero."

If the show STILL doesn't get picked up, Kelley mentioned that it was a "possibility" that Wonder Woman could end up on a cable channel.

We can just picture Wonder Woman on such a channel as Starz or HBO, full of nudity and gritty violence à la Spartacus or Rome. Then again, probably not.

So what do you think? Is it wishful thinking on David E. Kelley's part? Is there still hope for Wonder Woman on TV?

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