Great Hera! David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot gets green light!

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Dec 14, 2012

Remember how David E. Kelley's concept for a new Wonder Woman TV show was pretty much dead in the water after all the broadcast networks passed? Well, guess
what—it's been picked up after all!

Deadline reports that NBC had a change of heart under new entertainment head honcho Robert Greenblatt, who decided to order a Wonder Woman pilot after the network initially passed. The project is said to "reinvent" the Amazonian princess and Justice League member, making her a corporate executive by day and a vigilante crime fighter by night in Los Angeles (sounds like Kelley is taking the Christopher Nolan "realistic" approach).

As previously reported, Kelley—creator of shows like The Practice, Boston Legal and the new Harry's Law—was optimistic that his take on Wonder Woman would find a home somewhere this year, even after the networks said no. He even thought he had another shot at NBC, which first got his proposal during a round of executive "reshuffling" that put a temporary freeze on paying for the project.

Now he's got his wish, and the next big step is casting the title role. The pilot gets produced after that, and then we wait to see whether NBC places an order for an
actual series.

But there's no question about it—Wonder Woman is one step closer to returning to television!

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