What's in David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman TV pilot script?

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Dec 14, 2012

The upcoming NBC television show Wonder Woman won't be on the air until 2012, no one has been cast yet, and the rumored director, McG, hasn't confirmed his involvement—but Wonder Woman HAS a completed first draft, written by producer David E. Kelley. And now parts of that script have been leaked to the Internet.

But NOT the parts with plot.

Bleeding Cool got their hands on a draft and offered some tidbits to their readers—being careful not to spill any heavy-duty spoilers, just a few general premises.

Wonder Woman lives her days as Diana Themyscira, head of Themyscira Industries. Bleeding Cool writes, "[I]t is well known in this world that Ms. T and Wonder W are the same - think Tony Stark and Iron Man from the end of their first film on."

Secretly, however, she has another identity: Diana Prince. (How she has time for a third identity when she's not running a business or saving the world is anybody's guess.)

Wonder Woman will include a few familiar characters from the DC comic book, including Myndi Myers, Etta Candy, and Veronica Cale. Love interest Steve Trevor makes an appearance; although they had been romantically involved in the past, they've broken up by the start of the series.

Want more? Fun facts include that Diana—

♦ "Pines for Steve like Carrie for Big."


♦ "When she's Diana Prince she's a mousey Miley Stewart, when she's Diana Themiscyra [sic] she's the Hanna Montana of businesswomen, and when she's Wonder Woman she's Wonder Woman - which is precisely twice in the whole episode."

Will Wonder Woman make the fans sit up and beg for more? Will David E. Kelley make her less Amazonian and more mainstream? Only one thing's for certain: we have at least a year to find out.

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