David Fincher 'can't imagine' Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Fight Club's David Fincher—who famously turned down directing the first Spider-Man because he "just couldn't shoot somebody being bitten by a radioactive spider"—doesn't think Andrew Garfield will be comfortable in a superhero movie either.

Garfield stars in Fincher's upcoming film The Social Network, and from what the director has seen, the actor isn't right for the role of Spider-Man.

According to Fincher's interview with MTV:

"I can't imagine [Garfield] in spandex, I can't imagine him being comfortable. ... He's a wonderful actor, he's incredibly skilled and empathic and a lovely guy. So it's nice to see that."

What do you make of Fincher's comments? Is there something wrong with a skilled, empathic, lovely guy playing a superhero?

(via cinematical)