David James Elliott talks about the family fantasy Gooby

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

David James Elliott (SCI FI's Knights of Bloodsteel) told reporters that he's completed another genre project, the family fantasy Gooby.

Gooby certainly sounds like it falls into the fantasy realm. How would you explain the story to someone?

Elliott: It's a family picture. Robbie Coltrane [Hagrid in the Harry Potter adventures] is in it, and Eugene Levy and myself. It's about ... a family having lost their way, for lack of a better explanation. The communication between parents and children was confused. And so Gooby, this monster of the imagination, comes in, and he winds up helping everyone. It's a cool picture. You'd have to see it. It's not like anything I'd read before, and Wilson Coneybeare wrote, directed and produced this piece. That's his genre, children/family films, and he's really good at it [having done Monster Warriors and Timeblazers]. So I had a ball doing it.

So you had an actor on the set playing the bearlike creature ...

Elliott: Yeah. There was an actor playing the monster, and then Robbie [Coltrane] laid his voice in later. So that was an interesting process. I saw it and my 5-year-old saw it, and he loved it. It's a really lovely, touching film. It's fun.

And what's happening with it?

Elliott: I just had an email the other day saying that it just got a limited release. I'd have to dig it up for you. I'll tell you in one second what's happening with it. [Elliott taps at his computer.] Here we go. Yes, AMC has picked it up for a limited theatrical, and Harkins and Carmike Cinemas. It's going direct to the exhibitors, and they also got into the Toronto and Houston movie festivals, and they won a bunch of citation awards. Stuff is starting to happen.