Will David Tennant and Michael Fassbender star in The Hobbit?

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Dec 14, 2012

On Friday, we learned that The Hobbit had FINALLY gotten its green light and that Peter Jackson would definitely direct—with filming to start next February. And today we found out that David Tennant, Michael Fassbender and James Nesbitt might be coming to Middle-earth!

Deadline reports some strong casting buzz that's gaining momentum in Hollywood, which includes some of the hottest names in British television and movies. And since the movie will soon be entering production, it's clear they need to start casting fast.

We already reported on Martin Freeman, who's apparently still being courted as Bilbo Baggins. The role is probably his if everyone can manage to work out his conflicting schedule with the filming of series two of the BBC series Sherlock (which starts airing on PBS' Mystery this Sunday, Oct. 24).

Former 10th Doctor David Tennant—who was once rumored to be in the running for the role of Bilbo—is apparently being courted for an undisclosed role, and so are X-Men: First Class' young Magneto himself, Michael Fassbender, and Jekyll star James Nesbitt. No word on which roles they're being pursued for, either.

And if the rumors about Sylvester McCoy possibly starring as Radagast the Brown turn out to be true, we may end up with TWO former Time Lords visiting Middle-earth!

So what do you think about the latest casting news?

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