David Tennant can't stop hinting about Who 50th-anniversary return

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Jan 14, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

Every time David Tennant does a big press junket, he gets closer and closer to spilling the beans on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. Last time he admitted he's still got his costume, but this time he very nearly says aloud that he's coming back, before swallowing his words in not one, but TWO different videos!

So, yes, naturally, good money is on Tennant coming back to play his role as the 10th iteration of the Doctor—but at least give us some room for doubt, man! In one clip, Tennant actually says, "I nearly said something I shouldn't!" when asked if he'll return.

Then, on the red carpet, when he's asked again, Tennant jokes, "I can't imagine there even are going to be any anniversary celebrations, are there? Look at my agent getting twitchy."

We'd be getting twitchy, too, if we were David's agent, since he seems to keep very nearly spilling all the beans.

But you tell us—is David Tennant leaving precious little to the imagination? Or are our minds just playing hopeful tricks on us?

(Via Doctor Who TV)