Davies pitched a new Doctor Who project—but BBC shot it down

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Dec 17, 2012

Former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies is the man who made one of the BBC's oldest characters cool for a whole new generation—and we nearly could've had some new Davies Who. But the BBC shot his latest idea down.

In an interview promoting his new kid-centric sci-fi series Wizards vs. Aliens, Davies spilled that he had contacted BBC Books recently about doing a Doctor Who graphic novel. The coolest part? He planned to write and draw the entire project, which he sadly didn't go into much detail about.

Oh, and he also has nothing to do with the upcoming 50th anniversary. It'll be all Steven Moffat, all the time.

Here's what he told The Telegraph:

"Don't ask me about the 50th anniversary [in November 2013], because it's nothing to do with me. I'm just a happy viewer now. This'll teach me though - I did ask BBC Books if they fancied a graphic novel, and they went, 'No'. I sat here thinking, I could write a graphic novel, I could even draw the graphic novel, that'd be brilliant... No. There we are then, I tried."
Most fans believe Moffat and Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith are doing a bang-up job, and it seems the BBC (or at least the books division) agrees.

But how cool would it be to have Davies tackle a crazy one-off adventure for the new Doctor?

(Via The Telegraph)

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