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D'avin learns you can't go home again on Killjoys' 'It Takes A Pillage'

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Sep 7, 2018, 11:00 PM EDT

**Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the Killjoys episode "It Takes a Pillage" below! Either you’ve already seen the episode or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch, then come back and enjoy this recap. I can wait.**

D'avin Jaqobis just can't catch a break, can he? He's just a guy trying to protect his six-day-old son by taking him back to his old home and, next thing he knows, he's in the middle of a family reunion and bad guys are coming for his kid.

To top it all off, home is currently a rather inhospitable landscape with silica storms and a father (now grandfather) who's never been the warm and fuzzy type. Martha's Vineyard it ain't.

Meanwhile, Dutch and Zeph have to figure out how to get Aneela out of the green, keep The Lady in, and keep the compound Khlyen made to kill the Green and everyone infected with it from deteriorating before they can complete steps one and two. Khlyen was smart and all, but he apparently didn't build a container for his killer compound that could withstand a little bit of a road trip.

Dutch and Zeph

The nod to the Bechdel Test between these two was one of my favorite moments of the episode, but I loved pretty much all of their scenes together. Dutch and Zeph are so different, but there's a mutual respect that allows them to interact on a level playing field. Putting them in the same room together but leaving a distance was really interesting to watch, and it shows that, no matter how different these women are, they work together very well.

You also have to appreciate Dutch being willing to fling herself around a sun just to test Zeph's theory. Even if she did kind of pass out. Luckily, Zeph figured out how to save Dutch. She always does. I think that means she always will. 

Three Jaqobis men and a Kid

Lessons in fatherhood, family ties, backstory, and a thrilling adventure? This episode had it all. Last time we saw dear old dad Marris Jaqobis (Ron Lea), it was Season 2, he was drunk, and D'avin was in Khlyen's body. Unfortunately, while that whole experience was great for his sobriety, he still seems to be one hell of a jerk. I guess some people don't change much. 

D'av and Johnny, however, have changed, and watching them interact with their dad as men is certainly interesting. It was also nice to get the boys a little heart-to-heart time. John's "D'av's always leaving" complaint has finally been addressed. That's a good thing.

As to what the Hullen said about Jaq; "He is the beginning of everything... and the end of you." He was about to say something like "Once you know the truth," but the kill chip got activated. So, what's the truth? And what is Jaq really? The Firstborn? That sounds... ominous.


First things first, it's nice to see Lara Jean Chorostecki, who, while many fans may recognize her as Freddie Lounds in Hannibal, is also a Lost Girl alum -- and we know how Michelle Lovretta likes to drop those into her shows. It's a shame she turned out to be a terrible person, but maybe there's something in the Tellen silica that gets to people after a while. It's a good thing D'av and Johnny got out of there.

Random Thoughts and Tidbits

Zeph's lack of dirty joke game really does need work. That tossed salad joke was good.

"Son of a whiskey dick." That's oddly specific, Zeph.

Nice to hear a call back to Captain Apex and Volubian princesses. 

Muted Zeph is adorable.

D'av and John's little moment of almost not saving Dad. I admit I was with 'em.

I also noticed that Charlie and Pawter look a bit alike. Fiery redheads and all. I wonder if that was intentional.

Final Thought

The pieces certainly seem to be moving into place for the Season 4 finale. We're eight episodes in and here's where we are:

Jaq is heading for Kendry, we have Khlyen's bioweapon, D'av and Dutch are closer than ever, Aneela's fight with The Lady has escalated, Pip is on borrowed time, and John Jaqobis is the key to saving Dutch and, by extension, everyone else.

Of course, John had killed everyone and was holding a gun to Dutch's head in the vision The Lady showed her, so things could also go horribly, horribly wrong.

Next week is the penultimate episode. I'm guessing it'll be a big one.

See you then!

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