Day of DEATH!

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Oct 20, 2008

Calloo callay, O happy day, hip hip hooray, and, um... yay.

(Rhyming is hard)

Today is the Official Release Date of Death from the Skies!

I know, I know, it's been shipping for a week or more now, and some bookstores have had it for days. But today, October 20, was the official day from the publisher, and that's the date I've had in mind for many months now. So here we are.

Pyramid of DEATH!

It's been quite a long haul to get here: leaving a salaried job, moving across the country, new school for The Little Astronomer, new job for Mrs. BA. Then sitting in my office and writing, phoning astronomy friends and strangers, downloading scientific papers, reading them (many times having to make more phone calls and to figure out what the paper was saying), writing, editing, rewriting, rewriting, rewriting.

Through it all I have had the support of my friends, my family, and the team of people at Viking and Penguin Publishing. Thanks to everyone.

And to you guys, too: the BABloggees, who have tolerated my endless pimping of this book. I have to admit that won't stop immediately; there's more to say. In fact, in my next post I'll put up an excerpt from the Introduction to give you a taste of the book. I'll also post an update of my schedule, which includes a handful of radio shows (and a local TV station Tuesday) as well as a couple of public talks.

Again, thanks to everyone for making this possible for me. It was, quite literally, a life-changing event, and I'm glad so many of you were here for it.

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