Days of Future Past designer reveals how they made those '70s-era Sentinels

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Feb 4, 2014, 11:39 AM EST

Though they include some homages to the comic-book look, the big-screen Sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past take some liberties with the classic design. So how’d they land on that slick new look?

We finally got a good look at the “classic” '70s-era Sentinel design thanks to that mountain of Empire Magazine covers dropped a week ago, and now production designer John Myhre has opened up about which parts of the design they decided to change and keep.

It’s a fascinating peek into the development process, and just how much work goes into crafting the look and feel of the film. Though classic fans might argue that they changed a bit too much of the clunky-style original design, you’d have to think these new versions will at least look hella-cool on the big screen.

Here’s what Myhre told Empire about the decision:

“I started coming up with ideas that were a little wacky and a little out there and Bryan said, 'John...It has to be the Sentinels. We went back through history to when Bolivar Trask introduced them in 1965. They started with the Mark I and went through so many variants, but what we found is they all had some similarities.

The main thing was, they were all humanoid. They all had a head, arms and legs, and that was something that was very important for Bryan to keep. And they were also purple. We thoughts how fantastic the purple colouring was, it was just great and unusual and exciting. That was just part of the inspiration for their look. In the 70s there was so much great design, but something that was particularly strong in the era was beautiful industrial design, which was very clean, very rounded, using a lot of plastic, a lot of smoked Plexiglas.

The electronics within the head give the impression of a face when they activate and move," Myhre adds. "So while it doesn't literally have a nose, eyes and a mouth, when you see it moving and the mechanics flittering around beneath that tinted plastic, you definitely get the impression of a face. Which just makes it more horrifying.”

It’s nice to see they kept the face designs, though they have definitely been reimagined. It’s also cool that they tried to base the new look on the historical facts, with the homage to Plexiglas aesthetics. What do you think of the new look?

X-Men Days of Future Past opens May 23.

(Via Comic Book Movie)