Days of Future Past reveals its costumes for Magneto, Beast, Quicksilver and more

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Jan 27, 2014

Some decisions sure have been made about the X-Men costume designs. Yup.

Hey, does anyone else remember when Bryan Singer rehired his old X-Men costume designer, Louise Mingenbach, and the almost-universal response was basically this:

But then Singer was like, "Hey, my babies, relax. This time's totally gonna be different! No boring yet vaguely sexual leather costumes. Scout's honor!" So we all pulled out the stress ball and tried to slow our collective roll as much as possible. And that was super hard, you guys.

But we did it, with minimal blood-vessel-bursting aplomb. And now we get to reap our reward, because the costumes are here, right? So we're just gonna post these images in no particular order and everyone's going to see what a professional, detached journalist I am.

Yeah. All right. See? Magneto looks totally fine. A little cartoonish, maybe, but that can work. It definitely beats dull leather.

I mean ... I don't know why Beast looks like he could be on the cover of Weezer's blue album, but there could be a totally acceptable explanation within the plot. Moving right along ...

Huh. That's weird. Why is this Scott Pilgrim reject on the cover of Empire?

Oh. That's ... that's Quicksilver. Ah. Hmmm ... Excuse me a moment.

All right. Check out the remaining Empire covers for some genuinely acceptable costumes in the gallery below.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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