Days of Wine and Spam

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Jul 29, 2007

I get spam. Lots of it. But I got one the other day which was pretty funny:

We would like to invite you to join a magnificant [sic] and very special worldwide September event: The Days of Good.

The Days of Good is VERY IMPORTANT world-wide event which can help to change the whole World for BETTER and can improve the LIFE through joining all people over the World...

This majestic worldwide event takes place from 9th September (Sunday) to 18th September (Tuesday) 2007 and all those people of the whole world will join it (regardless of nationality, religion or spiritual traditions, cultures, philosophy, education, profession, age, or race...) who are not indifferent to their own life or life of their relatives and friends, life in their surroundings, village, town or city, their region, country and life on Earth in general!

In general, I think that everyone should do as much good as they can, all the time. And since this particular spam does encourage people to actually do something, instead of sitting around doing useless things like praying or wishing good thoughts, it is actually a cut above the usual New Age (rhymes with sewage) nonsense.

But I have to wonder: if they want me to think positive thoughts, why did they send me &^%#($(&*^&%@&* spam???

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