Dazzling sci-fi short mixes robots, Bourne action, Moscow

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's something you'll like: a tantalizing dystopian sci-fi short by commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch, called The Gift, featuring robots, Moscow in winter, a kick-ass motorcycle chase, murder and a big mystery; below.

The short, produced through electronics company Philips' short-film experiment, is so amazing that studios are now reportedly vying to turn it into a feature film, according to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog:

Commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch was to have made his directorial debut with the "Alien" prequel. But since that didn't happen, he took part in electronic giant Philips' short-film experiment, which allowed five filmmakers to make their own movie using the same piece of dialogue.

Rinsch came up with "The Gift," a melange of Bourne-with-a-robot, a unicorn Macguffin and a futuristic Moscow-as-police-state setting (oh, wait, that is already here).

On Wednesday, the day the short came out, a bidding war broke out between several studios -- longtime rivals Warner Bros. and Fox are in the mix, according to sources -- who see feature potential in the short.

The trajectory of this dazzling piece of sci-fi filmmaking recalls what happened with Neill Blomkamp's Alive in JoBurg, which became District 9, and Panic Attack!, which is now on its way to the big screen as a movie. The difference is that The Gift appears to be the first part of a much larger story and not just a vignette ...

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