Is DC about to kill off one of Batman's most important sidekicks?

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Feb 15, 2013, 10:09 PM EST

It looks like the Batman family is about to get a little smaller.


Below is an image posted to Twitter this week by a comics retailer known as Al Mega (whose account seems to, as of Friday night, no longer exist). It shows three different variant covers for DC’s Batman Incorporated #8, which will hit comic book shelves on Feb. 27.


If you’re well versed in the last few years of Batman continuity, then the implications of the cover are pretty self-explanatory. If you’re not so well versed, here’s the deal: The cover style is a very direct homage to the cover of Batman #676, the first issue of the 2008 Batman: RIP arc written by longtime DC Comics scribe Grant Morrison. But while the original cover shows Batman, this one shows Damian Wayne, Batman’s son and the current Robin. To drive the point home, the “R” in “RIP” is styled to look like the Robin logo. Damian, first introduced in 2006’s Batman & Son arc, is a Morrison creation, and Batman Incorporated is Morrison’s title. So, unless we’re headed for some kind of comic-book trickery, it looks like Morrison and DC are getting ready to kill off the only son of Bruce Wayne.

Some fans have been theorizing that this might happen for a while, but others might be a bit rattled by the news, as Damian’s been a regular fixture in Gotham City for nearly seven years. He’s co-starring alongside Batman in not one, but two titles right now (Batman Incorporated and Batman & Robin) and makes frequent appearances in the other Bat-books. So is he really leaving us? And if he is, how will Batman take it? And who will be the new Robin? When asked about the leaked image, DC only issued a “no comment,” so we’ll just have to wait and read for ourselves.

(Via Comic Book Resources)