DC and Archie Comics tweet their support of Marvel and women in comics

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Aug 2, 2017

If you followed the terrible news in the comics world last week that surrounded Marvel editor Heather Antos, you might think that there is no positivity left in the world. (We have a summary of what happened, and how Marvel and DC can work to improve toxic fan culture, but the short story is that Antos tweeted a picture of herself with fellow Marvel ladies enjoying a milkshake. This resulted in terrible harassment.) But the #MakeMineMilkshake hashtag grew out of this, with comics professionals and fans tweeting their support of Antos and women in comics more generally by posting pictures of milkshakes. It’s been quite a sight to see, and now something even cuter has happened.

It began with the ladies at DC Comics tweeting at their competitor in support of #MakeMineMilkshake.

The official Marvel Twitter account responded in kind, with a picture of one milkshake and two straws.

Archie Comics also got in on the action with a milkshake with three straws. (Is this hinting at some sort of epic comics crossover, because we’re here for it.)

And if you’re wondering where all these companies are going to get enough ice cream to make all these milkshakes, never fear. Carvel Ice Cream has volunteered as tribute.

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