DC animation director says Man of Steel was part 1 of 5 movies

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

The trajectory of the DCEU has been a bit more tumultuous than that of the highly organized and producer-driven Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some of this is due to the poor critical reception a slew of the movies have received, and the overall impression that the DC films aren't as tightly coordinated as the Marvel ones.

Many issues have affected DC's plans for its superhero films, but those supposed initial plans have recently been clarified by an insider. DC animation director and DC live action storyboard artist Jay Oliva recently took to Twitter to give the scoop on Snyder’s planned DCEU.

Talking with a fan, Oliva tweeted the following: "Man of Steel was never meant to have a sequel because it was supposed to be chapter 1 of a 5 chapter story. Notice how BvS follows exactly after MoS? It’s like book two of Harry Potter."

Oliva then confirmed that the sequence was to be Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League part one, Justice League part two, and an untitled finale.

He said he knows this was the initial plan because, back before Man of Steel even came out, he met with Snyder and saw storyboards for the BvS sequel.

As for that fifth movie, only Zack Snyder holds the answer to that mystery — though there’s now a confirmed historical chain of events in the canon for DC fans to speculate over. Now that Snyder has apparently split from WB and begun stepping back into the creative light after suffering a personal tragedy, more details may be forthcoming and more of those discarded payoffs and storylines may find their way back into some of his other works.

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