DC to announce another new TV series soon, but what will it be?

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May 4, 2017, 1:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Marvel might have the edge on the big screen, but DC is killing it on television — and there’s at least one more series on the way. Like, soon.

While talking up the new year, DC President Geoff Johns revealed on Twitter that the company is preparing to announce another new show soon. He mentioned it in the context of Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Lucifer — so it stands to reason the project is live action. So, you know, he’s probably not referencing that (awesome) Young Justice animated revival, or something like that DC sitcom Powerless.

Here’s Johns’ tweet:

So what is it? Hard to say. We know Syfy (Corporate owner of Syfy Wire -Ed.)  is working on Krypton, so it’s probably not in reference to that. Considering most DC projects have popped up on network television, the smart money is on it being another mainstream type of project. The CW’s DC shows account for pretty much every hit on the network, so it makes sense it could be another Arrowverse show. But there’s been no indication of a spinoff. Birds of Prey? Please? Or maybe a Superman spinoff from Supergirl?

Outside of that, it could be a different type of property getting a shot. The studio has been trying to get a Teen Titans show off the ground for a while, so that could’ve bubbled back to the surface. Or perhaps it's something outside the box like Lucifer (or the short-lived Constantine) that doesn’t really fit the superhero mode in the most obvious way?

What do you think? What new series do you want from DC?