Prometheus unmasked, Vigilante returns and Oliver faces impeachment in latest Arrow

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Apr 28, 2017, 10:48 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Fighting Fire With Fire," the latest episode of The CW's Arrow!

The short version: Oliver faces impeachment proceedings but the city council eventually decides to keep him around. However, in the process, Oliver essentially turns the Green Arrow into Public Enemy No. 1. Oh, and spoiler alert: Adrian Chase is Prometheus, and not Vigilante like we all just assumed. Not a bad little twist.

The good: That big twist, the impeachment proceedings, Team Arrow

Let's just get it out of the way now: That was actually a pretty great twist. We, along with pretty much everyone else, had just assumed Adrian Chase was secretly kicking around as Vigilante (like his comic counterpart). But it turns out Oliver's DA pal has actually been Prometheus all along. Dum dum DUM. This raises a ton of questions, which is probably the point. The producers did the media rounds after the big reveal, confirming that Chase is definitely Prometheus and definitely not Vigilante. For a second there, it looked like he might have multiple supervillain personalities, but no — Vigilante is someone else entirely. So yeah, there's a new mystery for you.

Having someone who has basically joined Oliver's inner circle this season turn out to be the Big Bad is ripe with emotional potential, and it's a fairly creative way to keep the Big Bad story fresh with a show that's now five seasons into its run. It looks like Oliver and Team Arrow will find out his secret soon enough, especially since Chase seems poised to kidnap Oliver's reporter girlfriend.

After the bombshell scandal about Oliver making the order to cover up Billy Malone's murder broke at the end of last episode, we got the direct fallout here. Oliver faces a straight-up impeachment hearing and winds up claiming he was trying to protect the Green Arrow because he didn't want the city to know their hometown hero had become a cop killer. Which … still doesn't answer every question. If you're going to lie anyway, why not just tell part of the truth: Prometheus orchestrated it and the cover-up was done so as to not confuse the issue. Or something. Pulling a straight-up The Dark Knight seemed like a last resort that hadn't quite been reached.

With Oliver unable to suit up, the new team did one heck of a job stopping Vigilante's assassination attempt and working together. And it really did feel earned, after seeing these folks find their way this season. It was a risky move to basically create a whole new team, but it's really paid off.

The bad: What is up with Thea?

It's no secret this show has sometimes struggled with its female characters, but Thea's arc the past two seasons has pretty much been a train wreck. She's out of the superhero game, except for when aliens attack (apparently), and her tenure working in Oliver's city hall has found her dive down to the lowest ethical denominator to get things done. She ruined a reporter's life and is all set to blackmail a councilperson to keep Oliver in office. But … why? Oliver just offhand says Thea is ruthless like their mother, but it doesn't explain why someone who was literally a superhero would want to blackmail an old guy about his late wife's suicide. That just does not compute. If anything, Arrow has really struggled to keep Thea relevant after having her retire from the team.

Lingering questions

So, after using the Pandora data to help out her pals the past few weeks, Felicity officially decides to sign up with the Helix hackers. This story has been slow-rolled the past several weeks, but you know it's going to come to a head in a big way by season's end. We're thinking Felicity winds up getting way too deep into something that draws the entire team into the crosshairs. Just guessing. But this storyline has also served as an opportunity to explore the moral ambiguities left behind by a broken Felicity. It's been a sad descent, but considering everything, a believable one.

Curtis is making T-Spheres! For anyone with any knowledge about the character's comic canon, that's positively huge. Dude is going straight up Mister Terrific. But sadly, he'll be going it alone, because his husband Paul is filling for divorce. There really seems to be an interesting story there about how superhero-ing can ruin your love life, but they've yet to really crack it open.

So, Chase is kidnapping Oliver's reporter friend at episode's end, almost certainly throwing into motion the final steps of whatever grand plan Prometheus has been cooking up. Considering how much these guys have become straight-up dudes, that should make for one heck of an emotional gut punch.

Lines of the night: The litany of ball jokes about Curtis' T-Spheres.

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