Ricanstruction, DC Comics, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Puerto Rico

DC Comics and Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez team for Ricanstruction; proceeds to help Hurricane Maria victims

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Mar 21, 2018, 9:37 AM EDT

Another comic book publishing giant is reaching out to help the people of Puerto Rico. DC Comics and Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez's New York-based studio, Somos Arte, LLC, announced they're teaming up to publish an anthology titled Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico.

The New York Times broke the news that the comic will feature work by industry juggernauts: Gail Simone, Tony Daniel, Yanick Paquette, Eric M. Esquivel, Jorge Jimenez, and Mike Allred. This collection of stories will also include works by award-winning actress Rosario Dawson, singer Rubén Blades, Hamilton's Javier Muñoz, climate justice advocate Elizabeth Yeampierre, and other Puerto Rican and Latinx voices and creators.

Miranda-Rodriguez's creator-owned superhero La Borinqueña — who was inspired by Superman — will join forces with Wonder Woman and the Justice League in the comic.

"Having the opportunity to team up ­La Borinqueña with these characters brings attention immediately to those in need in Puerto Rico," Miranda-Rodriguez told PREVIEWS world. Miranda-Rodriguez tweeted that there are over 130 contributors who have volunteered to make this possible.

"It was an honor contributing this project. I'm a lifelong fan of The Flash, and a huge supporter of Edgardo's La Borinqueña character, so getting a chance to pair them up—and have them dance Bomba y Plena!—was an absolute joy," Esquivel told SYFY. "Plus: I'm convinced Bryan Turner was born to draw The Scarlet Speedster.”

The proceeds will go to Puerto Rican grassroots organizations like El Puente, according to Miranda-Rodriguez. Lion Forge recently published Puerto Rico Strong, an anthology that benefited the United Way of Puerto Rico. The Detroit-based publisher plans on matching the first $25,000 made from its collection, and Diamond Comic Distributors will also be donating 5 percent of retail sales to the relief group.

Approximately 121,000 residents remain without power six months after Hurricane Maria. While the people of Puerto Rico are staying hopeful, they are still looking for effective and urgent action from federal agencies. Thankfully, the comic book industry is willing to oblige.

Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico is currently solicited to hit comic shops on May 23, 2018.

Ricanstruction, DC Comics, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Puerto Rico