DC Comics announces new ongoing Batwoman solo comic at NYCC

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Oct 6, 2016, 4:15 PM EDT

DC Comics is already revamping its line-up (and finding a good bit of success) with the Rebirth initiative, and now we know the next hero who’ll be headlining a super-book.

Batwoman (aka Kate Kane) will be getting a new ongoing series from writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Steve Epting set to debut in February 2017, the publisher announced today at New York Comic Con. Batwoman has been taking on a larger role in the DC universe the past few years, and Bennett is already planning a “Batwoman Begins” arc in Detective Comics to hit in January to lay the foundation for the spinoff series (the story follows up on the current “Night of the Monster Men” event).

"There has never been a heroine I have loved more than Batwoman. Her flaws, her ferocity, her struggle to rise above her own history and find a way to serve the greater good and those she loves — she's always cut me straight to the bone,” Bennett in a statement via The Hollywood Reporter. “To be a queer woman and to see a queer woman as not just a part but a pillar of the Bat-family was life-changing, inspiring and gave me the courage to pursue this career in comics. The opportunity to add to Kate Kane's story and legacy is both an honor and a sincere dream come true."

The aim of the series will find Batwoman journeying outside the confines of Gotham on black ops missions across the globe. Kate Kane has become one of the most interesting and original characters in the entire DC canon these days, and it’s long past time for her to get a high profile solo series. We can’t wait to see what Bennett does with the character next year.

Are you glad to see Batwoman taking the reins of her own story?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)