Wonder Woman #46 Cover Variant
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Wonder Woman #46 Cover Variant by Jenny Frison

DC Comics announces Wonder Woman stories, more to DC Ink and Zoom imprints

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Jul 19, 2018, 1:03 PM EDT

Fans put off by the grim-and-gritty Titans trailer that recently debuted will have reason to celebrate DC’s continued commitment to the fun-loving aspects of superherodom.

DC Comics announced a slew of titles for their younger-skewing imprints, DC Zoom and DC Ink, at a San Diego Comic-Con press conference. DC Ink focuses on more young adult content while DC Zoom aims at middle-schoolers.

DC Ink is bringing Orcale: Rising, a teen Oracle story, from This Is Where It Ends author Marieke Nijkamp and Shadow of the Batgirl, a teen Cassandra Cain tale, from Heroine Complex novelist Sarah Kuhn. Upcoming comics with fewer details are Truth or Consequences: A Jack Hyde Story by Alex Sanchez, Dick Grayson: Lost Carnival by Michael Moreci, and Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Louise Simonson (who’s adapting the story into a graphic novel).

Zoom is adding Diana, Princess of the Amazons from Shannon and Dean Hale (DC Zoom’s first Wonder Woman story), and we also learned the release dates of Mera: Tidebreaker and Super Sons: The Polarshield Project: April 2019 for both. Exciting news for comic fans!