DC's Batman Beyond comic just made a game-changing twist

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Feb 23, 2017, 10:00 PM EST

The first arc of Batman Beyond Rebirth has been doing a whole lot of work to bring the series back to the status quo fans remember, but don't think that means they won't be shaking things up.

Spoilers ahead for Issue #5 of Batman Beyond Rebirth.

The latest issue of Batman Beyond wraps up the storyline that reintroduces old man Bruce Wayne into the fold, after he was drugged and dressed up like a comatose Joker as part of a larger scheme to steal Wayne's assets. As expected, Terry saves the day in just the nick of time and rescues Bruce — but that's far from the biggest reveal. It turns out the Joker fake-out wasn’t so fake.

The closing moments of Issue #5 reveal that old man Joker has been hanging around with mid-tier baddie Terminal all this time. That loser janitor guy in the background? Yeah, he's not just the janitor. He's the Joker. Alive. In the future. And he even has a crowbar, in case it wasn't clear enough. This is huge. Writer Dan Jurgens has done one excellent job of getting this series back to its roots following the brief Tim Drake era that grew out of the Futures End event.

Terry McGinnis is officially back in the saddle and it looks like he'll be facing off with one of the original Dark Knight's most iconic villains. It's a good thing Bruce is alive, because Terry's going to need all the help he can get.

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