DC Comics convenes a blockbuster creative team for Superman this summer

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Feb 4, 2014, 6:04 PM EST

Even if you haven't read a Superman comic in a while, you might want to pick one up soon after hearing this news.

After months of rumblings that John Romita Jr. would be making a big jump to DC Comics for the first time in his storied career, the publisher confirmed Tuesday that the legendary artist will be drawing Superman starting this summer, and he'll be teaming up with DC chief creative officer -- and acclaimed Superman storyteller -- Geoff Johns.

The son of comics legend John Romita Sr., Romita's spent nearly his entire career -- which now spans more than four decades (he's been drawing comics since age 13) -- drawing heroes over at the House of Ideas, including lengthy and acclaimed runs on The Amazing Spider-ManIron ManDaredevil and Uncanny X-Men. He's drawn his way to the status of living comic-book legend, and now he's going where he's never gone before, not just into the DC universe but into the world of DC's flagship character, the Man of Steel.

Johns is also a comics icon in his own right. He's been one of the most bankable creator names at DC for years now, and he's had great success bringing new prominence to characters including Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Hawkman and various members of the Justice Society of America. When DC re-launched its entire line of superhero comics in the fall of 2011, it was Johns who picked up scripting duties on the lead title, Justice League, a book he's still writing today. He's also got plenty of experience writing Superman outside of the Justice League, including an acclaimed run on Action Comics in 2007 and 2008 that wrapped up with a fresh new origin tale for the Man of Tomorrow, Superman: Secret Origin.

The creative team will also include another legend in comics, Klaus Janson. Janson, whose prior inking work includes Frank Miller's Daredevil run and the legendary The Dark Knight Returns, will collaborate with Romita on the artwork, inking Romita's pencils. 

As for where this creative team will take Superman, both Johns and Romita had their own ways of explaining their approach in an interview with IGN

“For me, as far as the story goes, my tagline for the story is ‘Putting the Man of Tomorrow back in the Man of Tomorrow,'" Johns said. "It's really looking at Superman and getting back to the core values and attributes and strengths of Superman. Really, the Man of Tomorrow is the theme, for me, that we're going to tackle in this first storyline."

Romita's response was slightly different, but reflected the same sense of ambition.

"To me, it's a little bit more of the Man of the Unknown,” Romita said, “because there are some things about Superman that are unknown officially, now, that we will discover."

We don't know yet exactly when this comic will arrive, but we do know to expect it sometime this summer. We'll keep you posted on exactly when Johns and Romita will take over Superman. For now, enjoy the gorgeous John Romita/Klaus Janson art both above and in the sketch below.

What do you think? Will this get you excited about Superman again?

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