DC Comics editor fired amid sexual assault allegations

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Mar 26, 2021, 5:00 PM EDT (Updated)

A prominent editor at DC Comics has been fired following multiple allegations of sexual assault, the company said in a statement.

Eddie Berganza, a group editor who worked on titles like Superman and had been with the company since the 1990s, was suspended and subsequently fired by DC after a BuzzFeed story broke last week in which three women accused him of assault, including alleged behavior like groping them and forcing them to kiss him. In light of those allegations, Berganza's work at DC had ceased while the company conducted a "review" of the accusations. On Monday, the company announced that Berganza's employment at DC Entertainment has been terminated. 

"Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have terminated the employment of DC Comics Group Editor Eddie Berganza," DC Entertainment said in a statement to SYFY WIRE. "We are committed to eradicating harassment and ensuring that all employees, as well as our freelance community, are aware of our policies, are comfortable reporting any concerns and feel supported by our Company."

According to the original BuzzFeed story, rumors of Berganza's misconduct were circulating at DC for years, and his accusers left the company while he continued to rise through the ranks until he became a group editor. The incidents described allegedly took place years ago, but in the midst of a wave of sexual assault stories surrounding entertainment figures like Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K., these women felt the time was right to come forward. Over the weekend, DC had issued a statement saying Berganza had been suspended and an investigation was underway.

"There will be a prompt and yet careful review into next steps as it relates to the allegations against him, and the concerns our talent, employees and fans have shared," the company initially said. "DC continues to be extremely committed to creating a safe and secure working environment for our employees and everyone involved in the creation of our comic books," said the company.

At some point in its review of Berganza's conduct over the last few days, DC Entertainment decided it was best to sever ties with him.

Berganza has not yet commented on the allegations or his suspension and eventual firing.

This story was originally published early Monday and has been updated.