DC Comics' Justice League 3001 to feature all-female team in 2016

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Sep 21, 2015, 12:52 PM EDT

One of DC Comics’ most fun comics of the past few years is getting a major shakeup as the creative team behind Justice League 3001 preps for a roster revamp.

Series co-creator Keith Giffen revealed to Newsarama that they plan to evolve the supergroup into an all-female lineup by January 2016 as the culmination of some ongoing arcs over the next few months. According to Giffen, the move came about naturally, as the female characters were the best fit for the types of stories they want to tell in the coming year.

So, who can we expect? It’s hard to say at this point, especially since Giffen teased they’ll be doing some “real damage” in the next few issues. But he did reveal Supergirl will be around “for a long time,” and it sounds like they want to set her up in that Superman-esque role of helping run the future-set team.

Here’s an excerpt from Giffen’s comments:

“It's not because I decided I wanted to write all females. It's not there to say, ‘Oh look, we've got an all-female team!’ Who cares? It's just the way it shook out. There are some big things coming up in the next couple issues. Between now and #8, we're going to do some real damage. We're going to shake the book up a bit. Some of the characters just seemed more interesting or more appropriate for the kind of stories we're trying to tell. It's not going to be all new characters. There will be characters you know, and there will be characters that were in the book before, heroes that you were aware of, heroes that were actually in the League. But it won't be the same Justice League 3001. We're going to definitely move it up to the next level.”

The comic run was originally launched in late 2013 (as Justice League 3000) and featured future versions of characters such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman and the Flash. In a DC lineup typically lacking in fun, Justice League 3001 has proven to be a rollicking, throwback-style comic-book adventure.

What do you think of the pending shakeup? Good move for the comic?

(Via Newsarama)