DC Comics plans to finally reveal the true identity of the Joker

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Mar 28, 2016

One of the biggest mysteries in DC Comics history is about to be revealed: Who is the Joker?

The character is one of the most iconic villains in comic history, and part of that mythic identity revolves around the mystery surrounding his background. The Joker is pure, evil anarchy, and in more than half a century, we’ve never definitively learned his identity. But all that will change soon.

DC has revealed that the Joker’s true identity will be revealed in Justice League #50, set to hit shelves May 25. The reveal is the culmination of a storyline kicked off in issue #42, which saw Batman sit in the Mobius Chair, granting him access to all knowledge. To make sure it works, he asks who killed his parents (“Joe Chill,” confirmed). Then, he asks the Joker’s true name. Batman hears the answer, and seems shocked, but doesn’t say it out loud (or in text panel, whatever, you know what I mean).

We have no clue which direction they plan on taking this story, though DC’s Geoff Johns told IGN that “the answer probably won't be an answer people predict.” As fans are well aware, the Joker’s origin has been touched on in works like Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, and he’s typically been portrayed as an engineer who gets pushed into a life of crime and goes crazy after his family is killed. On multiple occasions, his name has been “Jack,” for whatever that’s worth.

It’s fascinating to see DC finally try to tackle this story, but it begs the question: Is this something fans really want answered? That mystery is part of what makes the Joker so great, and no matter how cool the answer may be, it’ll nullify that mystery.

What do you think? Who will it be? Do we even want to know?


(Via IGN)

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