Dan Didio Doomsday Clock

DC Comics' publisher Dan Didio sets the Doomsday Clock for us

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May 17, 2017, 10:05 PM EDT

Last year at this time, DC's Rebirth Special #1 left us with mouths agape and a million questions. We got some answers with their four-part "The Button" event, which spanned from Batman #21 to today's release of The Flash #22. But while DC's best detective and forensic expert were both on the case, they've just uncovered even bigger questions. Like Dr. Manahattan-sized.

As publisher Dan Didio tells us in the video below, that's where Doomsday Clock, this November's standalone miniseries from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, comes into the big DC picture. Though he obviously keeps the important details under wraps, you can see that Dan is brimming with excitement to tell us what he can about Watchmen's entrance into the DC Universe.

Check out Didio's series setup below, and if you want to get far more in depth about Doomsday Clock, Johns gave us a ton to think about in our exclusive announcement interview.