DC Comics reveals all six Ivan Reis covers for Brian Michael Bendis' Man of Steel miniseries

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Feb 23, 2018, 12:59 PM EST

This spring, one of the biggest creator shifts in recent memory will take place as Brian Michael Bendis will begin his tenure with DC Comics after years at Marvel. For nearly two decades, Bendis was one of the Marvel guys, scripting numerous major events and best-selling series and co-creating iconic characters like Miles Morales. Now he's headed over to the other member of the Big Two, and he's starting at the top with three different Superman titles. 

In April, Bendis will make his DC debut as one of many contributors to the landmark Action Comics #1,000, a celebration of the company's flagship title and flagship hero. Then, he'll continue as the main writer for Action beginning with issue #1,001, take over Superman with a new first issue and launch a six-issue miniseries focusing on the Man of Tomorrow's long history in the DC Universe: Man of Steel

Man of Steel — featuring a number of artists including Ivan Reis, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes, and Jason Fabok — promises a "shake up" of Kal-El's journey to becoming Superman, and in particular promises a new villain with a "terrifying secret" about what really happened to Krypton. That series will debut in late May. In the meantime, DC Comics has released a peek at all six of Reis' interconnected covers for the series, which take us through the life and times of Superman.

The covers (they're a bit small, but as of this writing this image is the only official release), as longtime Superman readers will know, give us key portraits of important moments in Superman's life. We see Kal-El with the Justice League, a young Clark Kent finally discovering his alien origins, baby Kal-El flying away from an exploding Krypton (with that new villain looming in the background), Lois and Clark falling for each other as Clark reveals his secret to her, the famous "Death of Superman" story, and Superman and Supergirl going into battle together.

It's an impressive timeline, and it'll no doubt look more impressive after all of the issues have been released and each cover is given deeper context.

Man of Steel #1 is scheduled to arrive May 30. Will it be on your pulllist?

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