DC Comics reveals logo and massive promo image for its Convergence event

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Nov 6, 2014

Earlier this week, DC revealed big plans for spring 2015: Convergence, an epic event that will unite characters and universes from throughout the publisher's entire superhero history, while also introducing a new supervillain and exploring the DC Multiverse in new ways.

On April 1, DC will end both the Earth 2: World's End and The New 52: Futures End series and spin the events of their finales directly into the zero issue of Convergence, which will also arrive on April 1. At that point, DC's entire superhero line will go on a two-month hiatus as Convergence begins. Why? Because the event doesn't just feature a nine-issue weekly miniseries that makes up the Convergence story proper, but also 40 two-part series from a variety of still-unannounced creative teams. It's a company-wide event that will allow DC writers and artists to explore the Multiverse in all its facets, and though we don't yet know exactly where all of these stories will take us, the sheer ambition of Convergence is exciting.

The event will begin with Brainiac conducting an experiment on a world outside of time and space, where he's brought trapped, domed cities from throughout the Multiverse. To see what will happen when the inhabitants of these Multiverse-spanning cities meet, Brainiac begins to open the domes. Following this experiment is the arrival of the new villain Telos, born from this strange world, and though we don't yet know what he's up to, we know it will affect everything that DC is, was and will be. 

When Convergence was announced, we got our first glimpse of Telos and some of the many worlds featuring in the series. Now DC has unveiled that full promotional image, featuring the Convergence logo and art by Carlo Pagulayan and Jose Marzan Jr. The publisher has deemed this image "The Complete Convergence," and it certainly features a wide range of heroes, alternate worlds and universe. Check it out. 

To see the image at full size, click HERE. It features more than two dozen glimpses into other worlds, including multiple versions of Superman, the Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and more. It's even got Captain Carrot. 

Convergence begins April 1. 

(Via DC Comics)

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