DC Comics to unleash Wonder Woman prequel comic The Odyssey of the Amazons

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Oct 17, 2016, 12:52 AM EDT (Updated)

This year’s 75th anniversary celebrations for Wonder Woman are still going strong (she’ll officially be turning 75 this coming December) and DC Comics has announced there’s a comic book prequel series we never knew we wanted coming our way.

Penned by Underworld writer and actor Kevin Grevioux (Wetworks: Mutations, New Warriors) and illustrated by Ryan Benjamin (Batman Beyond), the 6-part miniseries will take place years before the birth of Princess Diana of Themyscira, aka Wonder Woman. Titled The Odyssey of the Amazons (nice nod to Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, you guys), the story will follow a group of Amazons embarking on a far-reaching quest to find more of their kind.

Said quest will lead the badass immortal female warriors to the doorstep of the Norse Gods (which should be super fun), where two of the Amazons will be captured by Storm Giants, sending the rest of the group on an epic rescue mission to retrieve their sisters.

The first issue is slated to hit comic book stores on Jan. 18, 2017, and we have a first look (do I spy with my little eye Valkyries? Looks like it) at the comic book as well as the official synopsis for the pre-Wonder Woman miniseries.

Years before the birth of Princess Diana, a group of Amazons set out on a globe-spanning quest to find others of their kind, encountering legendary creatures and beings along the way. But their journey soon turns into a rescue mission as two of their own are captured by the legendary Storm Giants of Norse mythology. It’s up to their leader, the stalwart Hessia, to keep them together through the many trials that lie ahead. The series will run for six issues.

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