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DC Comics unveils first-look at Batman/Joker mini-series from Marc Silvestri

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Jul 19, 2018, 8:05 PM EDT

Now this is a superhero/villain combo that has got us excited. DC Comics announced today at San Diego Comic-Con that Batman will team up with his former foe the Joker in a new mini-series by Marc Silvestri titled Batman/Joker: The Deadly Duo.

"The Dark Knight is no stranger to working on a team, but how will he fare with the Joker by his side?" DC comics asked on their official Twitter page, while revealing a very first-look at the cover for issue #1.

According to IGN, co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio made the announcement at a Meet the Publishers panel, revealing that Silvestri will be writing and illustrating the project featuring the unlikely pairing. An unknown enemy in the series is said to bring the two together, and the story -- published through the DC Black Label imprint -- will be set outside of the traditional DC continuity.

Fans were quick to express their joy at the news on Twitter, with one commenter saying: "Silvestri on Batman. So hyped." While another added: "Been waiting for this for years!" And there has been much general praise for the epic artwork, which also includes a grenade-juggling Harley Quinn thrown in for good measure.

However, it's important to note that this is not strictly the first time Batman and the Joker have joined forces. Just a few instances that spring to mind include Detective Comics #726, “Fool’s Errand," where they worked together to save a kidnapped girl, and also in the 1997 Batman & Captain America crossover, where they collaborated in defeating the enemy Red Skull. Hell, they even once got together for a rather ill-advised underwear ad for Diesel jeans. Yes, really.

But it's fair to say this will be the first time we've been given a fully detailed and in-depth story that is all about them working in cahoots, and we're looking forward to what Silvestri has up his sleeve.

Are you psyched to see these two in cahoots together? Or is this giving you a strong case of déjà vu? Let us know in the comments below. 

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