DC Comics writer Scott Snyder teases evil Batmans in Dark Nights: Metal

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Jul 24, 2017

When Scott Snyder got tapped to do the big summer event comic of 2017 for DC Comics, he "wanted to do something really different with this one." In Dark Nights: Metal, Snyder plays on the themes he's been setting up for years, since he first put pen to page for the stories of Batman and the DC Universe, and he's helping to make connections and explain mysteries that have existed since the DCU was born.

"The basic idea is that there's a dark multiverse beneath the universe that we know," Snyder told SYFY WIRE at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. Batman will meet seven evil versions of himself, including "The Batman who laughs," who Snyder is really excited to show off to fans.

"Batman today is not just about Gotham City. His fanbase is global, and the popularity of all of geek culture has spiraled out. He's more, he's bigger. That opens up to telling stories that remove him from his comfort zone."

Snyder's working with incredible artists on the lead-in and main book of Dark Nights: Metal, including his long-term collaborative partner Greg Capullo. Snyder told us how he and Greg rubbed each other the wrong way when they first started working together, but figured each other out and became brothers.

"This is Greg unleashed. He gets to draw everything [in the DCU] with that same crazy energy he has."

The first two prelude issues to Dark Nights: Metal, The Forge and The Casting, are on shelves now, and the first main issue of the series hits stores and Comixology August 16, 2017. Watch the interview for more teases on what to expect from the next big DC Comics storyline.

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel.

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