DC adds new elements to the comic universe with expanded Dark Matter titles

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Apr 26, 2017, 1:14 PM EDT (Updated)

While DC’s main lineup of Rebirth comics has remain surprisingly unchanged, the publisher has been making waves with a number of smaller focused imprints that appeal to fans who may be looking for something a little bit different than the standard superhero fare.

They’ve had success with the line of Hanna-Barbera reimaginings, garnered critical acclaim with the offbeat titles of Gerard Way’s Young Animal, and recently launched a new version of Wildstorm curated by Warren Ellis. Now, DC’s is hoping for success another new line of titles, featuring all-new characters and spearheaded by some of DC’s biggest artists.


Their latest experiment is called Dark Matter, and it will be made up of six titles, beginning in August with the already-announced flagship series Dark Nights: Metal, which the rest will spin out of. Dark Nights: Metal is a Batman-centric story that will reunite the creative team of the fan-favorite New 52 Batman series, Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder. The rest of the series will also feature top talent, with a renewed focus on artists, who were integral to the development of each of the new series, something that co-publisher and artist Jim Lee says has been missing from comics recently.

So what are the five new series? Here’s a quick rundown:

Sideways: Drawn by Kenneth Rocafort and co-written by Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan, Sideways stars a teleporting teenager effected by the events of Metal. It will release in September.

The Silencer: Art by John Romita, Jr. and written by Dan Abnett, this series is about a former assassin who must protect her family from her past. The Silencer will also release in September.

Immortal Men: Drawn by Lee and written by James Tynion IV, this one is about five immortal siblings who fight against Armageddon, slated for October.

Damage: Tony S. Daniel will be handling the art duties while Robert Venditti writes. About a soldier who has the ability to unleash “an unstoppable monster”—but only for an hour. Also coming in October.

New Challengers: The final book will debut in December, and will be a new version of the classic Challengers of the Unknown, but with an all-new lineup. Andy Kubert will draw and Snyder will be writing this one as well.

There are certainly some intriguing titles here—I know I’m always down for anything Kenneth Rocafort draws, and love the idea of a new Challengers team—and it doesn’t look like this will be all either. In one of the promo images for the line that features all of the artists, there are also two question marks, implying that there are at least two more series already in the pipeline.

I know I can’t wait to check out some of these books, but are you sold? Which titles pique your interest, and what artists do you hope are given their own Dark Matter series in the future? Let us know in the comments below!


(Via EW)

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