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DC diving back into Aquaman’s world with horror spinoff The Trench: report

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Feb 8, 2019, 5:04 PM EST

The box-office success of Aquaman has parted the waters for DC and Warner Bros. to delve deeper into Arthur Curry’s underwater world, and less than two months after Aquaman’s release, a new spinoff project — this time with a horror vibe — reportedly is already in the works.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has recruited new writers Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald to craft the new film, titled The Trench, which reportedly will have a smaller production budget than Aquaman and feature a different cast than its Jason Momoa and Amber Heard-starring big brother.

The Trench reportedly will stake out clear spinoff territory, meaning it isn’t being billed as a direct sequel to Aquaman. The movie’s horror beats will reportedly come via further exploring the Trench’s sea creatures, which evolved into vicious beasts after their Atlantean ancestors were stranded there in ages past.

Diirector James Wan left the door ever so slightly ajar for horror to find its place in Aquaman alongside the typical comic book fare, telling Collider ahead of the movie's release last year that he hoped "to capture the fear that we have of the ocean, the scariness, but at the same time, the magical and wonder that comes with it as well."

Wan reportedly is co-producing The Trench with Aquaman's Peter Safran, but there's no early word on who might direct, and no release window has yet been revealed.

This early on, details about the project are light — but at least this won't be the first underwater rodeo for writers Gardner and Fitzgerald: They've reportedly collaborated before on a deep-sea submarine thriller titled The Volos.