D.C. Fontana discusses the importance of connecting with an audience

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Oct 2, 2017

Dorothy Fontana (better known as D.C. Fontana) is best known for her incredible work on Star Trek: The Original Series. She was the youngest story editor in Hollywood when she was working on Star Trek, just 27 years old, not to mention one of the few women  staff writers on a TV show. To say Fontana is groundbreaking, not just for Star Trek, but for TV writing as a whole, is an understatement.

Fontana went on to work on many other shows, including serving as an associate producer on Star Trek: The Next Generation and writing the popular Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Dax". She also penned Star Trek books and consulted on related projects. It’s difficult to overestimate the influence Fontana has had on the franchise over the years.

Now, D.C. Fontana talks about the development of The Original Series and how the writing team knew they had a hit show on their hands in SYFY WIRE’s Origin Stories podcast, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the SYFY channel.