DC hires a female writer to take over Wonder Woman, here's our 1st look

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Jul 2, 2014, 8:12 AM EDT (Updated)

The flagship Wonder Woman comic over at DC is getting a facelift, and the company has even hired a bona fide female writer to lead the charge.

USA Today reports that the husband/wife team of artist David Finch and writer Meredith Finch are set to take over as the creative team behind the Wonder Woman series with issue 36 in November. The comic have previously been handled by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang over the past few years.

The changeover will bring a fairly large shift in the style and focus of the series, which will shy away from the Greek-mythology arcs of Azzarello in favor of a more personal story about Diana’s relationship with the Justice League and balancing those duties with her responsibilities to the Amazons. David said they’re aiming for a more “flawed” take on the character.

Meredith sounds extremely psyched to be taking over the book, and notes that the fact that she’s a woman should (obviously) bring a fresh perspective to the character:

“It makes sense if you're going to try to attract that female market that you appeal to them on every level — your writing demographic reflects the demographic of your readership. That's one aspect of being a female writer I can bring to her. Women tend to react in a different way, and I can bring some of that reactionary (thinking), going from your heart sometimes more than from your head. I hope that between the two of us, we'll be able to bring that balance so she's got a really complex character as we go forward.”

As we buckle up for the long wait to see the Finchs’ run debut later this year, DC has been kind enough to release some first-look artwork at its take on the character. One thing’s for sure — she definitely looks ready to kick some ass.

(Via USA Today)