The team literally breaks time in Legends of Tomorrow season finale

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Apr 5, 2017

Spoilers ahead for "Aruba," the latest episode of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow!

The short version: The Future team goes back to 1914 to try to stop the Legion of Doom, messing with time. They break time instead, though Sara saves the day and is pretty much the greatest person ever. Rip hits the road because he's obsolete, then all hell breaks loose and dinosaurs are roaming the streets of 2017. Because, oh yeah, they broke time.

The good: Sara is the BEST, pulling a Back to the Future Part II, the deaths, Thawne

It's obviously an ensemble, but more than anyone else Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow has undoubtedly been the story of Sara Lance — and the show was all the better for it. This season has followed Sara's journey from assassin to selfless leader, and it came to a head when she used the Spear of Destiny to set things right. Even when she didn't think she had the strength, she realized she had exactly what was needed to save the world. Instead of screwing with time and making reality in her own image, Sara took the most elegant option available: She made the Spear of Destiny useless, because even with the best of intentions, no one should have that type of power. The look on Thawne's face was priceless, and having that interaction play out between Sara and Laurel was a poignant moment. She finally had the power to save her sister, but she'd finally learned enough to realize that's the one thing she can't do. Putting Sara in charge turned this from a decent show to a great show. I can't wait to see where she leads the Legends in Season 3.

We've been told all series that you don't go back in time to a period you've visited, and even though it was fun, we learned the reason for that rule in this one. The Future Legends go back and interact with their slightly younger selves, with all the humor and gags you've come to expect from this show. Rory wants to punch himself, both Saras think think they're in charge, and both Rips are fretting about the effects of screwing with the time stream so much. But, it was a trick they hadn't pulled out yet, and it was the perfect gimmick for the season finale. Double the Legends, double the trouble.

Having two sets of heroes also meant you could kill off a few versions in shocking and brutal ways, and boy howdy did they. Seeing Thawne rip Ray's heart out was jaw-dropping, even though you knew it wouldn't stick. The same goes for pretty much everyone else in the Future team getting knifed and killed along the way in that final battle. They went out as heroes and got to play around with death scenes with minor consequences. Pretty much perfect, right?

They didn't share many scenes, but Thawne served as the opposite side of the coin for Sara for much of the season. He selfishly sought the Spear to rewrite reality so he could exist (after being erased a while back on The Flash), while Sara finally won by removing that type of godlike power from the chessboard. It was great seeing a boatload of time aberration Reverse-Flashs running around, along with Black Flash finally getting his kill. So is Thawne really gone this time? It sure seemed like it, at least.

Other good things: Tiny Rip and the tiny Waverider were hilarious, and the "attack" on Darhk was laugh-out-loud funny. Nate giving himself advice was pretty much what every dude would do in that situation, right?

The bad: Umm, the fact that the season is over?

Look, if you've made it this far into Season 2, you know what to expect. This isn't the smartest show, the darkest show, or the most serious show — but it is a fun show. And the season finale delivered that in spades. It was big, bold and goofy in the best possible ways. The only complaint is that this wild ride is over until next season.

Lines of the night:

"Aww, isn't that adorable." - Darhk

"Don't be a douche." - Nate

"Remember, Legends never die." - Sara

Lingering questions

The framework of the show has always been that the team roster can evolve week to week and season to season, and you really have to wonder if the show has outgrown Rip Hunter at this point. It was obviously a story point in the final arc, and Rip certainly realized it when he packed up and hit the road in the finale. And, umm, he's kind of right, right? Sara is a far better captain, and aside from just shooting his future gun and being there, Rip's role was fairly marginalized upon return. So, can we expect to see Rip back in Season 3? Probably, because c'mon, they bring everyone back at some point.

Also: It seems Amaya will be sticking around for the foreseeable future, fate be damned. Considering it seemed like they were all ready to put a pin in her story and send her back to the 1940s, having that change of heart was a nice surprise. Amaya's been a great addition to the roster.

You had to wonder how they'd deal with the Legion of Doom once all was said and done, and they pulled out the ol' Men in Black tech to wipe their memories to set them back on their old paths. So, sadly for Snart, it means we might never see Good Snart again since his death last season. Le sigh.

Umm, oh yeah, how about that ending, right? Just when it seemed like the team was going to fly off into the sunset, the repercussions of all that time-meddling came to fruition. Time is broken, and all the time streams seem to be merging into the same period. There are dinosaurs, buildings from the 1800s and the 2100s, all in modern-day Los Angeles. You knew they'd need to up the ante looking toward Season 3, and that cliffhanger certainly fits the bill.

Looking ahead to Season 3, the heat is on to replicate the charisma of the Legion of Doom. The bad guy bar has been set very, very high at this point. Don't let us down.

Up next: See you next season!

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